Returning to The Odeon: Covid Safe Plan

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Please find our COVID-Safety FAQ here.

we cannot wait to welcome you back to the odeon, but we’d appreciate it if you first took a moment to read our covid safe plan.

In light of the current global pandemic, we are taking every possible step to make The Odeon as safe as possible for everyone.
mball投注官网体育 The best way to prevent and protect yourself, friends, family and colleagues from infection is by practising and promoting personal hygiene activities (e.g. washing your hands, not touching your face, coughing into your elbow) and adhering to physical distancing guidelines from the Government of South Australia. For both Australian Dance Theatre (ADT) and our headquarters – The Odeon – we can prevent the spread of COVID-19 by identifying, proactively controlling and mitigating risky activities, enforcing government mandated physical distancing limits, undertaking regular cleaning, and ensuring no one comes to The Odeon if they are unwell.

Please read our COVID Safe plans below.

ADT/ The Odeon Covid Safe Plan

ADT Post Covid-19 Plan


Of all things by Alison Currie

19 - 22 november 2020

The Odeon

mball投注官网体育in 2020, australian dance theatre (adt) proudly presents, of all things, a new work by alison currie.

Rough Draft

an evening for local artists to showcase their work in its early stages of development.

Secondment Week

The Odeon

mball投注官网体育australian dance theatre's secondment week is an unparalleled opportunity for graduating tertiary dance students to receive unique adt training.