Rough Draft

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We’re sorry, due to the impact of COVID-19 this event is currently postponed.

mball投注官网体育australian dance theatre’s rough draft is an annual choreographic showcase of works in development and talks by local independent choreographers, artists and academics.

rough draft is a space for free thinking and feeling. these innovative artists invite you to share in their process and witness the growth of their work and ideas as they are evolving.

presented by adt’s international centre for choreography, rough draft takes place at the odeon and is the perfect context for new work to be shown to the public at a nascent, raw stage of development.

If you have an idea or work that you’d like to be featured, please email Associate Artistic Director Sarah-Jayne Howard at icc@eskamon.commball投注官网体育, 200 words max about your work, discussion, film or presentation for consideration.



Returning to The Odeon: Covid Safe Plan

mball投注官网体育we cannot wait to welcome you back to the odeon, but we'd appreciate it if you first took a moment to read our covid safe plan.

Of all things by Alison Currie

mball投注官网体育19 - 22 november 2020

The Odeon

mball投注官网体育in 2020, australian dance theatre (adt) proudly presents, of all things, a new work by alison currie.

Secondment Week

The Odeon

australian dance theatre's secondment week is an unparalleled opportunity for graduating tertiary dance students to receive unique adt training.